Freedom Fibre secures £24 million Project Gigabit contract

Thu, 11/05/2023 - 09:39
Freedom Fibre

Freedom Fibre has been awarded a £24m government-funded Project Gigabit contract to roll out fibre to 12,000 homes and businesses in Shropshire.

This new three-year contract will see Freedom Fibre extend its network into Cockshutt, Hinstock, High Ercall, Bomere Heath, Hadnall, Cheswardine and Clive.

Construction will begin in February 2024, with the first properties potentially being connected as early as October 2024.

Freedom Fibre is committing to invest in socio-economic and environmental projects across North Shropshire including upskilling and employing local people, tree planting schemes and a £25,000 Freedom Fund for local community projects

CEO Neil McArthur said: “Freedom Fibre is a network builder and will be working with several internet service providers and the local authorities over the next few years. Wherever possible we will be using existing underground ducts and overhead poles to minimise disruption.”