The Fibre Café partners with the Common Wholesale Platform

Wed, 29/11/2023 - 12:06
Wail Sabbagh

The Fibre Café and the Common Wholesale Platform (CWP) have signed a strategic Partnership aiming to accelerate the growth and adoption of gigabit wholesale and switching services.

This will enable altnets to leverage The Fibre Café’s integrations services while complying with OTS regulations.

Marcel Horst, CEO of CWP, said: "Our members now have a way to add further gigabit services to their portfolio.

“Likewise, many altnets are now seeking additional revenue streams from wholesaling their networks. This now becomes a reality to reach scale retail providers."

Wail Sabbagh (pictured), CEO of Strategic Imperatives, added: "Delivering OTS interoperability as part of The Fibre Café proposition is something that many of our customers have asked for."

CWP altnet members ready to aggregate their services can also offer a unified wholesale proposition to The Fibre Café scale providers.

The partnership was agreed at the INCA Annual Conference.